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发表时间:2010年12月08日   作者:匿名

Selection of excellent compositions from Science Class

I have a dream

1) By Xia Mingyu ,Class 29

When I was a small child,

I’d love to gaze at the blue sky,

Waiting for my favorite cloud,

With special thought flying high.

Dream of gaining plenty of happiness and never cry.,

As I’m brought up,

Gradually I got into the mysterious night,

Feeling the cold air touching my hair,

And the beautiful darkness in front of my eyes.

Being an explorer of the dark came quickly to my mind.

Then I’m growing to maturity,

Facing and challenging much more difficulty,

But I still wonder the night and the moon shining.

My dream is changing and changing,

All about the moon--a large of knowledge.

And always,

I think most of the stars at night,

They are shining in the night sky enchantingly,

And showing my wonderful dream clearly,

--Use its own light to warm up the world!

2)By Zhang Yuyu, Class 29

If someone asks my ideal

I will reply

I want to go to Tsing-Hua University

Want to go to famous enterprises to put my own talent to good use

Want to be well-paid through working

They are only some ideals

They are only normal things that everyone wants to get

But my dream---

Dream---such a holy and stately word

Give every errant heart a warm home

I dream of having a sea when I am getting old

With no noise and no hurly-burly

Only a vast sea

The sea which has melted all common customs and fame and gain

I want to walk along the long coastline

Look at the colorful shellfish resting on the sea beach

Just like riotous happiness in the past

I look silently, and then remember silently

But never think of picking them up

As I am afraid of breaking the tranquility

Sit down when I feel tired

Pile up my small castle gently with the soft sand

See the waves run to flood them

Take their trace away while retreating

Then I will smile unfeigned


It’s my real castle

When I can’t walk any longer

I will stand in face of sea

Experience the illusion that spring is in the air

And the flowers are in blossom

Ask for the sea breeze

To help me send my blessing to everyone

Let flood tide and low tide take my into my castle.

3). By Linq Tan, Class 30

I had a dream during my childhood. I was eager to become a computer engineer who spent most of his own lifetime with different kinds of programs and circuits. My mother made me very interested in computers when I was young, so I often imagined that I could create inventions to fill people’s life with happiness.

If to achieve a dream like that is impossible, I would become interested in math instead of computers. It’s easy to lost oneself in the rapidly growing computer industry, a so-called bubble economy. Compared with that, I want to give myself to the world of math without utilitarianism. A scientist will not be judged by the money he has earned in total.

If to achieve a dream like that is impossible, I would hold up my fountain pen and share my attitude towards the world in my articles as a writer. To feel the world and people around me will improve my mind. I will become impressible and wise when writing. To use beautiful words to knit sentences is better than studying with cold numbers.