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发表时间:2019年07月27日   作者:姚冬冬

  Sorry, forgive me for bothering you for so long.

  If you care about me, you will often go to my space to comment on me and leave a message for me, but you don't have "If you care about me, when I am online, I will be the first to send a message to me, even if a sentence is okay, but you don't, if you care about me, whether you are busy or idle, you will send a message." If you care about me, whether I say something wrong or do something wrong, you will remember in your heart, and finally give me an opportunity to explain, but you do not, and you never care about my feelings because you do not care about me, if you care about me, you will not let me think and worry, will not make me lonely.

  It hurts to think of you sometimes, but you never care about my feelings because you don't care. Sometimes I look at your cell phone number and want to call you. I want to hear your voice. I want to send a short message to you when I talk to you. But I don't think that you will be bored and don't want to harass me all the time. You, therefore, silently look at your name and remain silent, you know? Every time I miss you, I am so sad, do not disturb you not care about you, but fear that you are upset, just hope you can live happily every day, originally I do not believe in fate, but from meeting you, I will think whether we will have fate.

  Together, maybe it's time to give up. Maybe you should cry well once, and then you shouldn't suffer by yourself.