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发表时间:2019年07月26日   作者:姚冬冬

  And your only regret is not to come to the end, but I have been fantasizing about one you will understand.

  Whenever you come back, whether you will come back or not, I have never given up the feelings between you and me, I have never thought of leaving, because true love is not tired to let go, inappropriate to break up, and even if tired to be together.

  If it's not appropriate, try to change it. Maybe I have done a lot of things that make you stressed and unreasonable, or maybe you hate me, but I love you, even if you don't love me, you can't deprive me of the right to love you. No matter where we are strangers, what we have done to you is true. I hope you don't regret knowing me. Even if there is a breakup, don't let us down once we met. If I can, I will always love you, you like good people, I will try to become good. I hope someday you will fall in love with me when we meet again.

  Promise me, no matter what you want to do and who you want to be with, even if you repeat the same mistake, if one day you are still sad, remember to come back. Maybe I am not a suitable person for love. Not so much romance. But if there is - God, you've figured it out. I can give you a home anytime. I really don't want to know a better person, because you are the best person in my heart.

  After that, no matter how my contact information changes, I will let you first know that as long as you give a phone call, I may feel naive at any time, but all I can do is this.