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发表时间:2019年07月11日   作者:XM

  I gave you my little fuss, I gave you my big laugh, I gave you my little fuss, I gave you a big cry, I gave you a big laugh.

  I gave you a change from a close lover to a stranger who is most familiar with you when you are old and dead, but occasionally I would stretch my ears to listen more when someone talks about you or listen to you. It's a little bit like when we used to be so fond of each other and so sad that I might like it. The last one is like I liked you at the beginning. Maybe you can't meet anyone who makes me feel heartbeat until you can only bury you in the bottom of my heart. When youth passes away, many things will be totally different. Maybe you will be the biggest regret in my heart. Then you will live happily ever after you promise. I should know when you finally can't choose me, but I still choose to believe that your promise was abandoned by you.

  I remember when I asked you that I was not your favorite person, you said very decisively that now the pain of tearing your heart and lungs is yours, but you don't have a little to care about is fresh. Have you felt it?