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发表时间:2019年07月11日   作者:XM

  My love for you may come to an end. All my sorrows wronged me to carry all the storms and waves myself. This is the last time I was red-eyed for you.

  When I was unhappy, I thought of you when you couldn't sleep at night. When I came home alone, I thought of you. I saw a couple in the street. Or you and I are thinking about you all the time, but all you think about is not me, no matter how bad the world is. I just hope you can not be disturbed by the way I see you blossoming. You are still the happy teenager than you. The night you decided to go, I woke up four times and looked at your news, but you didn't come back to me. You know, this is the tenderest and best love that I have never given to others. It seems that it is not the light that the person shines at me.

  You are tired of her tears and her complaints about her pettiness. You don't know how much she feels like a knife. She thinks you will always love her and spoil her as you did at the beginning. She gives you her heart so silly. You can hold it in your hand or crush it, but you always choose the latter. You don't understand why you do anything at will and she gets angry. You don't understand why she always has so many tempers and quarrels with you. You don't understand why she always makes a fuss about something that doesn't seem to matter.

  You don't understand why she is always unhappy. It's crying, you feel a little annoyed with her, you begin to be more and more silent, more and more interesting to say nothing to her, you think her neurosis just want to avoid her, you think your feelings are coming to an end, but you know, every time she quarrels with you, her heart is very painful.