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发表时间:2019年07月10日   作者:XM

  Love me well, cherish me, I really super like you, I insisted for so long, I do not want to let go you do not give up me, I really like you, this kind of like I think I will never have a second time in my life, you slight fluctuation of mood will cause my tears into a river, I still remember to tell you clearly.

  I remember your comments on me, your jokes or the truth. I remember the good words you said to me and the cruel words you said to me. I don't know how long I will remember so many words. I know I will be happy or sad when I recall them later. After all, I am happy or sad when I recall them. I don't believe in love at first sight. I tried to put you down many times until I met you. But it seems that I can't put you down every time. As long as you talk to me, I feel that the whole world is bright. The most terrible thing is dragging. You can not love me, but please tell me in advance, I won't entangle with you. I never think the world will.

  There is a strong desire to possess what you like, because you like it so you can't hold your hand for yourself. It's hard to avoid being jealous and jealous. It's not a disgrace or a suspicion, not to do it, but because you really care. If I don't love you, I won't miss you. I hope you don't meet me like this again.

  People who are sensitive and lack of love are always making you think and argue about accompanying me, making you tired, but I hope you meet such people, because such people really like love, please don't let go easily.