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发表时间:2019年07月10日   作者:XM

  Later, remember to be nice to your girlfriend, don't drive her away, don't disappear without saying a word, don't be too close to other girls, don't let her be jealous, and spoil her.

  After all, she will give you all her good temper at home and lose her temper, but she never talks to you more angrily than she does for you, no matter how far or how much.

  Tired, no matter what the weather is like to find you waiting for her to come to you, please hold her tight, tell her that you really good girl is made of water, you don't dislike her all, because you don't know how many tears she will shed because of this, she wants you to accompany her when you don't dislike her, she is just afraid of not knowing when to see you.

  Well, you have to take good care of her because she's a princess by nature, but now she's low on you. No one wants you to keep her waiting too long. She's tired. She's not tired. She just wants you to stay with her for a while. You don't want to be better to her brother because you and your brother can spend a lifetime, but you don't know when. She will never delay your appointment because of something else. But there are always many things you can't see.

  It's not something you can't get rid of. Just you never try. Every girl is a woman with a glass heart. She's still sad inside. Don't let her laugh and cry.

  Please make her feel like she's following. You're happy together. Don't make her sad. Don't make her sad.