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发表时间:2019年05月21日   作者:snowwhit

  last night, i had a dream.in the dream, i had a race with my friend called Lily, she is a good sport palyer.of course, there were many people in this race.my friend Lily fan very fast,but i could not. i did not know why? my legs were so heavy. i wanted to run fast,but i could not.there was nothing i could do. i was so worried." i could run fast in the P.E class", i thought ." why am i so slow now?what should i do?i want to win the race.i try my best to run fast ,but i still can not."

  when i was worried ,then the god came to me,he said to me kindly :"my baby,do not worry about it ,i wil help you, drink this,you can win the race."i was happy that the god could help me.the god gave me some water,then he disappeared. i drank the water and suddenly i felt good.i was full of energy it was really a good thing.after i drank the water,i could run fast again,i thought.

  there was a second race.but in this race ,i was surprised that why there were so many animals took part in this race.but i did not worry about this,because i drank the special water.i ran like a cheetah. i could win the race! but suddenly i tripped and fell. then i woke up.i was in bed .it was all a dream!