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发表时间:2019年05月15日   作者:绿豆dou

  When you stand here, I will make you feel extremely uncomfortable. Your heart will start thumping, your head will be hurting and your body will get shaky. So, who am I? I am glossophobia.

  In other words, it is speech anxiety. Maybe you cannot understand this kind of phobia. I take my friend as an example. She is not a shy girl. But when teacher asks her to speak in public, she will be miserable and sometimes she has a stomach-ache. Speech in public makes her painful. It is a kind of glossophobia.

  I am believed that most of you will be anxious when you have to speak in public. It is just more or less. So, the most important point is how should we overcome it effectively?

  Practice is the answer. You can well prepared to reduce your speech anxiety. As the saying goes: "fake it until you make it." Practice your speech again and again in front of a mirror or your friend and so on. In this way, you will find your limitations and be more perfect. Then when you are familiar enough with your speech, you definitely can blurt it out on the stage and become more confident.

  Next, self-suggestion is another way to improve yourself. Everyday when you get up, you can say:" no matter what I do , I am the best one." Besides, you can turn to other for help. As for me, if I have to speech in public, I will ask my best friend to praise me. And usually they will say:" all right. You are always the best fairy." It makes me happy and give me confidence.

  Today, I have shared with you how to overcome the glossophobia. First, practice. Second, praise. So next time you give a speech in public, using these ways, you will make a great progress.