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发表时间:2019年05月15日   作者:snowwhit

  last sunday,it was sunny.so i went camping with my family. i was so happy.

  but where did we go?we discussed it .at last,we decided to have a barbecue in the countryside. my father drove the cai.after a while,we arrived there. we got off the car,my mother and my father carried the food .then we collected some tree sticks to make a fire.my father asked me if i could try to make a fire.it was the first time to do this. i was very glad to take the job. i was sure that i can do this.then i tried to set fire to the wood with a match,but i failed.so i tried again .this time i produced only smoke.my father saw it .he came to me and said to me:"that's not the right way.i will show you how to do it.you can look carefully. first use the small pieces of wood because they catch fire easily.then put the larger ones on top of them ."my father helped me make a big fire.then we baked lots of delicious beef,fish ,potatoes,vegetables and so on.

  oh!what fun!i was glad that i can experience it.and i ate a lot of food.i really had a good weekend. i would never forget the first experience in this barbecue.