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发表时间:2019年04月15日   作者:Jom

  I still remember that in the third year of high school, our class changed three English teachers.The first English teacher is a slightly fat female teacher. Although it is a bit fat, but the personality is clear, the whole person looks very clever, so that people can not help but feel the emotions. Later she taught us and seemed to resign suddenly. The reason is that her husband chose to go abroad for further study, and the family has more money, so she followed.The second English teacher is a relatively thin male teacher. The most impressive thing about him is his beard. Every time he speaks, he looks a little gentle, but some of them are too masculine. But his English pronunciation is really good, at least our class can understand.The third English teacher, wearing glasses, is not tall, often laughs, and looks very honest. Although she and her husband are not particularly rich, they especially know how to be happy. Her body is not very good. During a proctoring, her husband accompanied him and the scene was particularly warm.Later, when I arrived at the university, our teacher was also a slightly fat female teacher, but she was the one I admire most, because her values ​​and attitudes of life can always let others see positive and optimistic aspects, including his conversation. It is enviable.I think so many English teachers didn't teach me English and taught me how to be a person.I think this may be a harvest.