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发表时间:2019年04月15日   作者:Jom

  treeDo you love the tree here?Look at these trees, all kinds, there are pine trees, there are ginkgo trees, there are oak trees... one is stronger than one, and the other is straighter than one. The maple tree grows like a sailor, and the ginkgo tree stands tall like a sentinel.I think, you will love our tree.BridgeDo you love the bridge here?Look around this time, there are countless bridges across the river. There are wooden bridges, stone bridges and reinforced concrete bridges. Walking on the wooden bridge, it sounds like the piano is playing. Stone Bridge is quiet and silent, keeping you safe. The most sturdy steel bridge is the most important for the benefit of hometown.I think, you will love the bridge here. flowerDo you love the flowers here?Look at the flowers here, they are colorful and competing. There are chrysanthemums, rape blossoms, and camellia... Chrysanthemums are scattered in the grass, much more than the rare stars in the sky. The rapeseed flowers are densely packed and overlapped, making the field a golden world. Camellia is like a proud and successful person, proudly blooming in the branches, and the red sun.I think, you will also love our flowers.PeopleDo you love the people here?You look at the people here, whether they are men, women and children, poor and wealthy, all of them are kind and simple, all of them are passionate. I think, you will also love the people here.