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发表时间:2016年07月15日   作者:H man

  It just likes stroms,stopping our steps and upsetting our life.

  In this world we are just biologies as the ants on the floor and the birds in the sky.Due to presencs we are living.We do not what will happen next seconds,included hardship.Once we are trapped in it,we will get lost on our ways.It is very difficult for us to overcome difficulty and go through the dark time.Even we could lost the enthusiasm of life,which will make us be tired of living.However,we love our families ,love our friends.Because of them human still live in the world.

  Sometimes we will be caught in the strom,but all is going to be fine in the end.Just hold on ,guys .Your dream will come ture if you do not give up your life.All is well!